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Registration to CIM19

Dear colleagues!

Here you will be able to register to CIM19 - "Embodiment in Music".

Registration opens on the 1st of May (in the evening) and closes on the 31st of July (in the evening).


If you are not a student or an employee of the University of Graz, then please first register to our university-intern online payment system.

First, please click on "Registration". Afterwards, go to the bottom of the same webpage! There, please choose the option "I have no UNIGRAZonline login. All required data must be entered." and press next. You will be forwarded to the registration form. 

After you received your user data, please log in as "external person".


Below, you will find three options for registering to the conference:

  • Presenting in Graz (regular talk or poster)
  • Presenting remotely (virtual talk or flash talk)
  • Audience member (in Graz or remote)

Please note: Before adding anything to the basket, please first click on details to see further options including student discounts.

If you wish to register as an audience member in Graz, please first contact Dr. Cristina Scuderi (cristina.scuderi(at)uni-graz.at) and ask for availability - only limited seats to attend the conference in Graz as an audience member are available! 

If you are interested in attending the conference as an audience member without coming to Graz, please send an email to Miss Elli Xypolitaki (ellixypolitaki@gmail.com), so that we can provide you with all the information necessary to access the talks remotely.

If you are physically present in Graz (whether as a presenter or as an audience member), then the reception ceremony at the town's hall on the 26th September as well as coffee breaks and lunch is included in the participation fees.

Cancelation policy: You will be able to cancel your registration within 30 days from your purchase. This will cost € 5 (plus bank charges when needed), but you will get back the rest of your money. After 30 days, we will be able to refund you only  if we are responsible for the cancelation of the event.


If you have any troubles with the registration, please send an email to Miss Sandra Tanzmeister (sysmus(at)uni-graz.at). 



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