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Course units

Students enrolled in BA Musikologie start by studying 5 focus areas (Schwerpunkte), of which "Music Psychology and Acoustics" is one. From the 4th semester, they choose 2 out of 5. In the MA, they focus on one.

"Music Psychology and Acoustics” is shared between SysMusGraz and the Department of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM), University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG). Students in this focus area acquire advanced empirical and theoretical research skills in different areas of systematic musicology. They also acquire transferable skills in language, computing, interdisciplinarity, and teamwork, which are useful for future careers in all areas.

For further detail, see Uni Graz Online and the Musikologie homepage.

Richard Parncutt, Annemarie Seither-Preisler and Peter Schneider offer courses in music psychology and systematic musicology as part of the Musikologie curriculum. The following courses are offered regularly in the bachelor's program:

  • Winter semester
    • VO "Introduction to Systematic Musicology"
    • SE "Seminar in Music Psychology"
    • KV "Current Musicology"
  • Summer semester
    • PS "Empirical Music Psychology "
    • VU "Introduction to the Psychology of Music"
    • VO "Psychoacoustics and Music Cognition"
    • UE "Data Analysis in Music Psychology"
    • KV "Current Musicology"

Richard Parncutt’s research seminar is a platform for research presentations by national and international guests.


Office and Library
Glacisstraße 27, 1st floor A-8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8162

Library Opening Hours:
Wednesday: 10am - 1pm
Friday: 11am - 2pm

Only during the semester, on days when there is teaching.


Head of Centre Prof. Dr. Richard Parncutt Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8161



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