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Research on the perception and cognition of musical structure, the origins of music and religion, the psychology of music performance, and interdisciplinarity between humanities and sciences. He studied music and physics at the University of Melbourne and regularly publishes books.


Research on the effects of musical training on auditory perception and neural processing in subjects with and without developmental disorders from childhood to adulthood. Co-leads the "Music and Brain"working group with Peter Schneider. She has completed studies in psychology and biology. She is also a former fellow of the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Austrian Academy of Sciences (APART).


Non-Tenured Associate Professor

Research on the neural basis of pitch perception, active listening and musical learning from childhood to adulthood with a focus on outstanding auditory skills and disorders. Co-directs the "Music and Brain" research group with Annemarie Seither-Preisler. He has a degree in physics as well as a degree in music (organ and piano). He is also the recipient of a Heisenberg fellowship from the German Research Foundation and an award winner for innovative developments in neurological imaging. He is a hearing therapist and active church musician.



Research on musical ability and its influence on the perception, cognition and production of European and Asian languages and dialects. He studied linguistics and started a 4-year APART habilitation fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences at our center on 01.11.22. He is also a long-term collaborator in our research group "Music and Brain".

Office Manager

Studies psychology and law at the University of Graz and supports the center in teaching, administrative and research operations as well as collaborating in the working group "Music and Brain".


Participation in the working group "Music and Brain" of the center as well as research on the motivation, fears and challenges of senior amateur musicians as well as implications for music teachers in an adult-to-adult context.

Doctoral students

Picture: Kempf, Adrian, MSc

Kempf, Adrian, MSc


Phone:+43 316 380 - 8162

Research on musical creativity with a focus on the improvisation of rhythmic patterns and how social factors determine the creative process in improvisation.



Sattmann, Sabrina, Mag.rer.nat. BA MA


Research on music and emotion, in particular on musical chills and the role of emotions and personality. She is also interested and working in the field of music education (in research and as an instrumental teacher) as well as music and well-being. She is the head of a music school and has a diploma (BSc, MSc) in psychology, a bachelor's and a master's degree in musicology and studied the flute.



Zeidler, Bettina, MA


Research on auditory perception and auditory processing of children with developmental disorders, focused on autistic children as part of the working group "Music and Brain".



Banihashemi, Siavosh, MA MA BA


Research on the psychoacoustics of timbre and orchestration.







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