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The 1000-tonne rule: 180 news reports in 18 languages

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

The most important human right is the right to life. The equal value of every conscious human life is the foundation of all human values. That being the case, the most important issue in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) should be human rights, and most important issue in human rights should be AGW.

The 1000-tonne rule says that a future person is indirectly killed whenever 1000 tonnes of fossil carbon are burned (order-of-magnitude estimate). The implications for energy policy are profound.

In late August and early September 2023, centre member Richard Parncutt’s 2023 article on this topic in the journal Energies (co-authored with Canadian environmental engineer Joshua Pearce and based on Parncutt’s 2019 Frontiers article) found its way into 180 media reports in 18 languages and 32 countries.

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