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10th birthday celebration

Wednesday, 09 October 2019

The Centre for Systematic Musicology is ten years old! All interested members of the university are invited to attend our birthday celebration.

Time: Tuesday 15 October at 6pm

Place: Wallgebäude, Mehrzwecksaal (Merangasse 70, main entrance, ground floor)

The atmosphere will be informal. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

We will present a series of short, popular presentations of our current and recent research, punctuated by short musical performances. Our research areas include music cognition, musical structure, psychological development of music, music performance, musical origins, and musical ritual.  Specific projects address:

  • the development of musical versus non-musical skills in children
  • music and the neuroscience of language acquisition
  • ensemble performance, social interaction, and the mind-body problem (embodiment)
  • changed states of consciousness and strong emotions (chills)
  • perception of musical pitch and timbre
  • psychological foundations of music theory and major-minor-tonality
  • musical meaning and narrativity
  • music and sport performance


Inspired by the motto “We work for tomorrow” and the social roles and responsibilities of universities as highlighted in the university’s mission statement and development plan, our research also extends into non-musical areas such as social and environmental responsibilities (e.g. human rights, climate change, gender equality). As part of this project, we are implementing a series of innovative low-carbon international conference formats, in which regular and virtual talks are presented in parallel, and face-to-face and virtual social interaction are systematically mixed.


All members of the university (academic, support, students) in all disciplines are welcome to attend our birthday celebrations. If you plan to come, please email our office manager Sandra Tanzmeister (sysmus(at)uni-graz.at).


Best regards,

Richard Parncutt and the SysMusGraz-team

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